Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Coach one win from 500

Jane Peterson, Central Lakes College volleyball head coach, is one win away from achieving a milestone: 500 wins. She now has a career record of 499-224. She said of approaching milestone: "People ask me all the time, 'How much longer are you going to coach?' because so many other women stop coaching when their families are young or when they get tired. But I feel like I am at the peak of curiosity in my craft - not just the coaching of volleyball skills, but of sports psychology, motivation, group dynamics, motor learning, how teenage brains work, how talent is developed. All these things I am still very curious about." Jane will be honored following the home match Wednesday vs. Fond Du Lac in a ceremony to include a plaque presentation, volleyball alumni, and reception. The match starts at 6:30 p.m.

CLC volleyball: The Peterson Era (285-219 going into 2012 season)

1991    13-16   lost in the consolation finals at state

1992    15-13   no state tournament
1993    14-13   state participation

1994    26-10   NW division champs, consolation champs at state

1995    23-5     North division champs 14-0, consolation champs at state (setter broke hand)

1996    35-5     North division champs 14-0, state champs, 2nd at nationals; All Americans: Sheila Gross, Sandy McKenzie

1997    11-18   5th place northern division

1998    15-14   3rd in North division, 6th at state

1999    24-11   4th in North division, 4th at state; All American: Krista Savor

2000    32-6     North division champs, state champs, national champs; All Americans: Katie Bell, Becky Poster

2001    28-8     tied for North division champ, 4th at state, national champ; All Americans: Katie Bell, Dana Dickinson

2002    15-13   4th at state

2003    30-8     North division champ, state champ, 3rd at nationals; All American: Lane tenCate

2004    29-11   2nd in northern division, state champ, 3rd at nationals; All Americans: Lane tenCate, Shannon McCarthy, Honorable Mention: Courtney Stach

2005    36-2     Northern division champ (undefeated), state champ, 3rd at nationals; All Americans: Amy Fleishhacker, Courtney Stach

2006    33-4     Northern division champs, state champs, 3rd at nationals; All Americans: Jen Kempenich, Lisa Kurtz
2007    34-7     Northern division champs (undefeated), state runners up, National Champs; All Americans: Lisa Kurtz, Krista Meyer

2008    17-20   Tied for second in Northern division. Sixth at State, lost in Region 13 semi final. Rachel Voeltz and Shayna Foote, All-Region.
2009    20-12   Northern Division champions (tied with Hibbing), Regions 13 champs, 4th at nationals; Krystle Hamilton  – All Region; All American: Erica Feldewerd

2010    19-12   Tied for second in Northern division. Sixth at State. All Division: Jenna Terhaar and Melissa Widman;  All state second team: Melissa Widman

2011    16-11   Second in the Northern division. All Division: Melissa Widman (second team Carlie Sweet and Hayley Hornick and Abbi Knutson); All State first team and all Region: Melissa Widman.